High Sheriff of Bristol

The new bicorne

It has been my great honour to produce a new bicorne for the office of High Sheriff of the County & City of Bristol.

The office of High Sheriff pre-dates the Norman Conquest, as such is over 1000 years old. The City of Bristol has that rare status as city that also has county status, having been given the status in 1373. The role of High Sheriff is one that passes from person to person on a yearly basis, much like the Lord Mayor.

The original bicorne

I was delighted when the current High Sheriff Anthony R E Brown esq. popped into the Bristol boutique to request a new bicorne. The existing hat was rather old, a little tired, but mostly it was very, very small! Measuring a tiny 21.5″, it was  no longer possible for our modern High Sheriffs to actually wear as part of their ceremonial robes.

Using silk panne velvet and silk grosgrain ribbons, I replicated the construction of the original bicorne. The bicorne was also required to fold flat for various ceremonial reason, so this was no ordinary hat. The new hat will be passed from male High Sheriff to High Sheriff for years to come!