New Boutique. New Look

New boutique, new look!

In a previous newsletter I hinted at a bit of a new look and a slightly different name. The wonderful Lesley Trussler finished our sign writing this week, so it’s time to finally tell you all about it!

When we first set up Milliners’ Guild in 2013, it was with an aim to support fellow milliners and provide a bricks and mortar location to sell their work.

But it’s also become increasingly clear over the years that customers love to be able to order bespoke items of millinery, that are created in house. So the bias of the product offer has become more hinged on my own label than first planned!  It also became clear that sometimes the shop name and the milliners became a bit muddled, meaning customers were not always aware of the difference between the work of different milliners. Super counter productive!

So to reflect all of this, we’ve switched to a ‘Lead Milliner’ boutique where it is clear who provides the majority of millinery in a location, whilst still being Milliners’ Guild. I hope that this will be only the first of several Milliners’ Guild boutiques, with other milliners taking the step of opening their own locations with the support of Milliners’ Guild.

Come and visit soon and tell me what you think!

Ani & the MG team x


If you’re a milliner who would like to be involved in our future, get in touch!