Where to stay in Bristol?

where to stay in Bristol? image Fiona Gilmore

Wondering where to stay when you visit Bristol and Milliners’ Guild?

Here is a little list of recommended accommodation, many of them Airbnb’s in the homes of people we know personally. Hope you find your perfect place to stay!

Milliners’ Guild is just off Whiteladies Road in Clifton (full location details here). Clifton is a lovely area, and most places near by have a high chance of being delightful.

Both of these Airbnb properties are very close by to Milliners’ Guild, and are only a few minutes walk away. This small 1 bed flat (£) and this very swish apartment (££).

Slightly further afield, we have…

St Werburghs. The home of friend’s. Lovely eclectic, arty area, with lots going on. Close to Stapleton Road train station, short train ride away from Clifton Down on the Severn Beach line. A choice of two rooms. £ single bed, Blue Room and the double bed Green Room


Easton. The home of some very good friends, a young couple. An interesting, multi-cultural area. Even closer to Stapleton Road train station. £ double bed