SS17 collection shoot

Ani Stafford-Townsend - mermaid shoot - Yellow Duck

In Yellow Duck Interiors

On Sunday Sept 25th, a most fantastic team came together to shoot my own label, Ani Stafford-Townsend,  SS17 collection.

Inspired by the sea, mermaids and coral reefs, the collection features my signature love of embellishments and fine detail, as well the soft turquoise and pink tones that one would expect.




John Barwood

John Barwood

The team included MG’s favourite hair sylist Lukas Szejka on the tongs, with highly recommended MUA Jenny Davies wielding the powder brushes. And of course, the team it self was put together by star stylist Sue Fyfe-Williams.

Sue suggested that we use Jaffy & Leela Carr-Bond, a Bristol/London based modelling duo who are also identical twins. I was doing very well at telling L & J apart, until Lukas changed hair when I wasn’t looking.

Sue also had a brainwave of suggesting John Barwood, a photographer who prefers portraiture to fashion photography and is spectacularly masterful with natural light.

So then the question was, where to shoot? We started with some head shots in John’s

Lukas at work. image Jenny Davies

Lukas at work. image Jenny Davies

Clifton studio,  but We wanted somewhere we could could get an underwater feel and amazingly Bristol Zoo obliged! We were able to shoot in and around the Seal & Penguin house, as well as the

Aquarium. They also very kindly gave us a room to use as base. The many children that passed us were excited to see real life mermaid and we gathered quite a crowd!

Finally we moved back to Alma Vale Road, where we took over Yellow Duck Interiors and fully indulged the mermaid inspirations using Tim’s claw footed bath.


Huge thanks to all the team and to both Bristol Zoo and Tim at Yellow Duck Interiors.


behind the scenes

behind the scenes, image Jenny Davies

The SS17 collection will be available towards the end of 2016.